queering type


queering type is a concept for an lgbtq+ focused design conference. This event invites queer-identiying creatives to explore how typography can be used as a communicative medium, or as a tool to develop strong professional identities.

This 24” × 36” poster features a selection of queer-identified designers, illustrators, creative directors, activists, and art scholars. They have each been assigned to a series of talks and workshops.
These name tags feature a bold design with room for customization. The tag may feature a pride flag of the person’s choosing, and has a dedicated space to apply a pronoun sticker.

Tags for staff and speakers have a black background, while tags for guests have a white background. This decision was made to quickly identify staff and speakers, while still allowing for their personal expression. The light background also allows guests to write their information in pen.

The decision to use only lowercase letters was inspired by feminist author bell hooks, who wrote her name with no capitals to shift focus to her ideas instead of her identity.

In designing merchandise for the event, I aimed to have a sense of fun and consider the experience of participants.

This fanny pack would be sized to hold papers, maps, business cards, and other small items while attending the event.

Today’s queer movement defies conventions of gender, how it is performed, and how we can talk about it. If we are to consider designing queer visual identities, it is only fitting to look towards contemporary designers who defy conventions of form and structure, creating bold and unprecedented new forms of visual language and communication.

This social media promo video features a flashy, fast-paced animation to draw interest and establish a bold, loud voice.

Song credit:
Against Me, Transgender Dysphoria Blues