The Divination Museum


Fortune-telling is the art of reaching
into the unknowable, bringing the
secrets of time, fate, and nature
into the present moment.

Fortune-telling has a rich history
that spans countless cultures. Unique
modalities of reading fate stem from oral
traditions, religious beliefs, superstitions,
creation myths, studies of nature, or
encounters with the unexplainable.

The Divination Museum (The Div) is
dedicated to exploring the historical
significance of fortune-telling, and the
insight it provides into our relationship with
the intangible workings of our universe.

at the Div

Rediscover the history of Halloween, with a series of spectacularly spooky events at the Divination Museum! Learn the traditions of Samhain throughout history in a special exhibition, hear the stories of modern day witches in a lecture series, and have an occult experience unlike any other in a seance workshop.

To promote these events, I wanted to conjure up a suitably mystical and captivating narrative. This involved staging and filming short scenes inspired by Samhain customs, paired with motion graphics based on the “constellation” logo.

I began developing the brand identity for the museum by outlining a concept for the first special exhibition to be held at The Div.

This exhibition features the art and history of Pamela Colman Smith, the illustrator behind the iconic Smith-Waite Tarot deck that redefined modern cartomancy.

The design of the poster highlights a selection of her work through a playful arrangement of circular image frames, connected by a flexible “constellation” logo. 
In addition to the print poster, I created two mobile ads for the exhibition— one formatted for a social feed, another for Stories.

These ads are linked to a mobile friendly website, which provides information about fortune-telling, upcoming exhibitions and events, and how to plan a visit to The Div.
After creating advertisements for the opening exhibition, I focused on the visitor experience at the museum.

This included an informational brochure, visitor pass stickers, and mockups of signage in and around the museum